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WALL-E’s “Day At Work” – Robotic garbage sorters and recyclers

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Hope someday
-before we drown in our own garbage-
we’ll unleash Wall-Es over the waste we produced
and stop producing more of it.

Robotic garbage sorters & recyclers = great idea


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January 15, 2012 at 18:26

7 ways to connect to yourself using screensavers that generate collages with your very own images

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The reason: we have personally relevant pictures that we’d like to be reminded of by default, instead of desiring what others lure our attention and imagination to (publicity).

So if you have pictures with things dear to your heart, don’t let them rust in some too easily forgotten folders.

First, in case you need to know:
How to change your screensaver in Windows XP
How to change your screensaver in Windows 7

1. Picasa screensaver

Pros: Has a Collage option. Also, you can select several folders and check/uncheck them. Useful when you want to see only some of the folders previously selected.
Con: Can be installed only along with Picasa.

If you need a bit of technical help: How-To: Create Custom Screensaver with Picasa

Downloadable from picasa.google.com

2. Cozi screensaver

Pro: very design conscious, very good-looking, very elegant. It shows 3 up to 8 pictures at a time (7+/-2 anyone? :) all from the same folder – which makes it unique in a surprisingly great way. I personally love it.

Downloadable from http://www.cozi.com/Download-Photo-Screensaver.htm

3. Album Art Screensaver

Particularity: Displays the pictures in a customizable rectangular grid.

Con: It squeezes the pictures a bit in order to make them square (like the album covers).

Downloadable from http://www.crayonroom.com/screensaver.php

4. Media Collage

Pro: Displays videos, not just static images. Big plus.
Uses a grid somehow similar to the one in Album Art Screensaver, but without stretching the pictures.
Con: Lacks randomness. Big minus.

Available at http://www.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Enhancements/Screensavers/Media-Collage-Screen-Saver-Slideshow.shtml

5. Photo Slideshow Screensaver

Con: Trial
Pro: If you play a bit with the many options you may find really nice feeling effects. Video available here.

Downloadable from photo-slideshow-screensaver.com

6. Picturoid

Pros: Spectacular.
Cons: $5, the demo shows just the obnoxious “Buy or bye-bye” message. Despite the video, the trial version is so impaired that it’s not worth the time.

Site: http://www.jsr-productions.com/products.php?id=16

7. Photojoy

Pros: Eyecandy bonanza
Cons: Too eye candish for some.

Downloadable from photojoy.com

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December 25, 2011 at 16:45


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April 4, 2010 at 04:29

Useful Firefox extensions

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(BYM) Blank Your Monitor + Easy Reading – Protects your eyes a little by turning the background of the webpages to black. You can easily de/activate it with the button in the statusbar.

No Squint – Simple and effective – set the zoom level of a page and it will remember it. Also, it brings back the zoom-with-Ctrl+mousewheel feature.

WikiLook – Don’t know what a word means? Install WikiLook, select the word and move the mouse over it – a definition will popup – clean, fast & unobtrusive = elegant.

Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar – does well what it says

Read it later – Found something interesting but don’t have the time for it right now? – just click a button and you’ll have it available when you want to.

AdblockPlus – No overt publicity = less crap on my Web, less pollution, cleaner, faster browsing experience.



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October 19, 2008 at 03:59

How to stop receiving stupid mails from friends

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June 22, 2007 at 13:50

90 to 95 percent of intelligence is of the animal kind. Only 2 to 5 percent is of the human kind.

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“The reality is if you’re 20 percent better than other people, they envy you and try to kill you with nails and hammers. But if you’re 200 percent or 300 percent better, they’re just going to leave you alone. That’s us.” (Hideto Tomabechi)

A friend told me about this guy that increases breasts and deprograms cult victims with sound technology. Googled it and found an interview with Hideto Tomabechi:

“Many famous researchers – like Roger Schank, my first adviser – have said that 90 to 95 percent of intelligence is of the animal kind. Only 2 to 5 percent is of the human kind. We have not yet [been able to create even] the animal [level] of intelligence. Sony’s Aibo isAibo & dogs not as smart as your dog. Maybe that could take five to 10 years. We don’t call that AI (Artificial Intelligence); the rest – the 2 or 3 percent – that’s what we call AI. Hard-core AI researchers, like me, have never given up on it and are still trying to tackle this 2 or 3 percent.”

I guess integrating our “zoointeligences” and “zoodrives” can make us stronger and better. We become better humans by becoming aware of and accepting our heritage too. Synergy, not struggle.

Emotional intelligence, triune brain (reptilian, mammalian, neocortex), cellular information processing, sociobiology, 7% words – 93% nonverbal – makes some sense, doesn’t it? :)

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May 19, 2007 at 05:34

We spend one third of our life in front of the computer

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April 25, 2007 at 10:13