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Useful Firefox extensions

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(BYM) Blank Your Monitor + Easy Reading – Protects your eyes a little by turning the background of the webpages to black. You can easily de/activate it with the button in the statusbar.

No Squint – Simple and effective – set the zoom level of a page and it will remember it. Also, it brings back the zoom-with-Ctrl+mousewheel feature.

WikiLook – Don’t know what a word means? Install WikiLook, select the word and move the mouse over it – a definition will popup – clean, fast & unobtrusive = elegant.

Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar – does well what it says

Read it later – Found something interesting but don’t have the time for it right now? – just click a button and you’ll have it available when you want to.

AdblockPlus – No overt publicity = less crap on my Web, less pollution, cleaner, faster browsing experience.




Written by flowingly

October 19, 2008 at 03:59

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