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Why Vegetarianism Makes Sense

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Written by flowingly

February 8, 2007 at 04:46

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  1. The movie does make a valid point, however, using water is not the same as using it up. The water has to go somewhere. And if a cow eats a lot of grains in order to create the meat that we enjoy, so we would have to eat a lot of plant matter to sustain ourselves as the energy provided by meat is higher than the one provided by the same quantity of vegetables. That means that one would have to spend more time eating, which would decrease productivity in general.
    And at this point I would like to present the story of Heron, a Greek engineer and inventor that lived around 150BC. He created the first steam engine, even if a crude one, and the story says he went to his king and displayed his new invention and he was already thinking about replacing slaves with steam engines. The king looked jovially at Heron, like one would look at a toy maker, and said “Oh, poor naive Heron, what will we do with all the slaves, then?”.
    So, oh naive Flowingly, what do we do with all the land that is allocated to the crops that are grown for the cattle that make the meat that goes to KFC, McDonalds, Burger King and all the jobs that are thus lost? Even if this simple vision of the “salvation of the planet” could be a viable solution, it will never be implemented. Not any more than the solution of genetically shrinking people in order for the Earth to sustain a larger population.


    February 9, 2007 at 08:39

  2. – “using water is not the same as using it up. The water has to go somewhere” – it’s about subteran, glacier, pure, potable water turned into cow piss and blood, man

    – the cattle is fed to fatten, not to be more productive; a man eats less than a cow, duh:); the steak doesn’t offer you the equivalent energy of the vegetables eaten by the cow (cereals and soybeans, not grass), even if it was pumped with growth hormones that the producers vehemently pretend are annihilated when the meat is cooked

    – “what will we do with all the slaves, then?” well, maybe stop amplifying their (and our) stupidity and learning to do something good & fun when we’re not afraid of starvation, cold, disease, humiliation and attack? :) I think life is challenging enough for us to not replace the stupid things we do out of personal and social habit and reaction.


    February 13, 2007 at 05:36

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