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Soon half of the richest people in UK will be women

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WAS HIS - divorce lawyer

Most of them, by divorce. Inheritance, OK. By divorce, IMO, =resounding theft. What, she needs a gazzilion million pounds to rise the kids? Or because she LET him make sex with her? For loling out loud! :)

I’m afraid the sex war turned from creative and spicy tension to bitter planetary guerrilla.

The laws are overwhelmingly in their favor, not because society is more mature, but because women lobbyed and weighted themselves more and more power. They evolved, and here’s why:

Women recognize, discuss and share their fears and concerns, and they also share information and solutions. Men don’t. And this messes them up. Really bad. Personally and socially.

If men don’t acknowledge and learn from the women’s intelligence and power, then even more trouble awaits them.

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Written by flowingly

December 19, 2006 at 20:18

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