"A mind stretched to a new idea can never go back to its original dimension"

Amway scam warning 2

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Amway victims are intoxicated with the following kinds of ideas:

What are your dearest dreams? (The sponsor is instructed to always reinforce the connection between your ideals and the scam.) Amway = free speech under attackHere’s all you have to do, no need to quit you job: find five people. Each will bring you money. But wait! That’s not all! Each of them will be compelled to find her/himself other 5 people to bring them (and YOU – isn’t it a wonderfoul system?!!!) money – that makes 25 people MORE on your LINE. All these people will search on – and since the average person knows AT LEAST 100 other people, it will be a snap for each of them to find 5 people (to be VERY conservative) for themselves and (just between us) FOR YOU! :) Isn’t it wonderful? Everybody wins! (No shit!) Everybody is well dressed, smiling (a bit tense, but, HEY, you’ve got to be POSITIVE), just came back from an overseas holyday, just quit their job because they make SO MUCH MONEY, WONDERFUL FRIENDS AND THINGS PLEASANT FOR GOD. Oh yeah, and you know them personally for so many years, they’re intelligent, successful people, not some scumbags, they wouldn’t lie to you. Unless they sincerely want to believe the harmful lie that they’re passing on.

A scam can’t go far without stupidisation, deception, brainwashing and people wanting to believe it. Temptation times the temptability of people equals scam success. The guy was an idiot, but because he’s so smart and still got fooled, he’ll play the fool and fake believing it until he makes it a nightmare for other people too. And hopes that if he fools enough others this way he won’t be an idiot anymore.:(


Written by flowingly

December 16, 2006 at 21:50

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