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George Underwood – A Head of Our Time

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George Underwood - A Head of Our Time



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December 25, 2006 at 09:41

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The best are up to 28 times better than the worst – And how to be one of the best

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It’s not just about programmers, but about excellence and mastery:

The apprentice learns the rules, the master, well, masters the rules, but the artist bends them. And in order to bend the rules, he needs to delve into their core, their source of freedomisation. (I know, yet another barbarism :)

softwarebyrob.com: Personality Traits of the Best Software Developers

[…] Someone who fixes a problem but doesn’t take the time to find out what caused it is doomed to never become an expert in their field. Experience is not years on the job, it’s learning to recognize a problem before it occurs, which can only be done by knowing what causes it in the first place.

[…] e.g. An image-manipulation script is hogging processor power for minutes at a time when it should run in under 10 seconds. You could make the script run at 2am when no one will notice, or you can take the time to step through the code and figure out where the real problem is.

Developers who don’t take the time to find the source often create sloppy solutions.

[…] Due to the life and death nature of their products, NASA designs zero-defect software systems using a process that has nearly eliminated the possibility for human error. They’ve added layer after layer of checks and balances that have resulted from years of finding mistakes and figuring out the best way to eliminate them. NASA is the poster child for discovering the source of a mistake and modifying their process to eliminate the possibility of that mistake ever happening again. And it works. A quote from this Fast Company article on NASA’s development process says:

“What makes it remarkable is how well the software works. This software never crashes. It never needs to be re-booted. This software is bug-free. It is perfect, as perfect as human beings have achieved. Consider these stats: the last three versions of the program — each 420,000 lines long-had just one error each. The last 11 versions of this software had a total of 17 errors. Commercial programs of equivalent complexity would have 5,000 errors.”

[…] We know from Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering that the best programmers are up to 28 times better than the worst programmers, making them the best bargains in software. Take these four traits and go find a bargain (or better yet, make yourself into one).

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December 22, 2006 at 15:43

Catherine Zeta Jones divorces George Clooney – Intolerable Cruelty

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Intolerable Cruelty (2003) – snappy, intelligent edutainement, not just a romantic fast flood movie. And about divoraceous relations.

George Clooney, Catherine Zeta Jones - Intolerable Cruelty dvd cover

Ridendo castigat mores: laughing castigate the mores.

I tend to agree with this IMDB review, even if it may be over-enthusiastic:

Clooney and Zeta Jones at their best, 20 January 2005
Dan Da’man: Intolerable cruelty is possibly the best written romantic comedy of the modern era. The script writers deserve much credit for this under rated flick, as do Clooney and Zeta-Jones, who turn out their best performances since the turn of the century.

On first viewing this movie can appear just another average comedy with a few names but nothing special.George Clooney, Catherine Zeta Jones - Intolerable Cruelty barbed wire Its what I thought. I even tuned out for some period. But on my repeated viewing I picked up all the delicate intricacies and humour. I now cannot watch this film without feeling happy, it changes my mood. It has a brilliant balance of legal proceedings, meaningless humour, character revealing humour, trait development whilst raising some unavoidable issues about American divorce proceedings. I highly rate this film and ask viewers to relax and enjoy the humour but also pay close attention to the twists and turns.

Also, I recommend Intolerable Cruelty to the education department as it is ideal for students to study and analyse. It will keep them interested and allow them understand character development at its best, whilst giving them an insight into divorce law.

An unprincipled divorce attorney falls in love with a manipulative gold-digger.

Directed by Joel Coen

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Soon half of the richest people from UK will be women

Recognizing a weakness can lead you to real power

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December 21, 2006 at 08:09

Soon half of the richest people in UK will be women

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WAS HIS - divorce lawyer

Most of them, by divorce. Inheritance, OK. By divorce, IMO, =resounding theft. What, she needs a gazzilion million pounds to rise the kids? Or because she LET him make sex with her? For loling out loud! :)

I’m afraid the sex war turned from creative and spicy tension to bitter planetary guerrilla.

The laws are overwhelmingly in their favor, not because society is more mature, but because women lobbyed and weighted themselves more and more power. They evolved, and here’s why:

Women recognize, discuss and share their fears and concerns, and they also share information and solutions. Men don’t. And this messes them up. Really bad. Personally and socially.

If men don’t acknowledge and learn from the women’s intelligence and power, then even more trouble awaits them.

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Catherine Zeta Jones divorces George Clooney – Intolerable Cruelty
Recognizing a weakness can lead you to real power

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December 19, 2006 at 20:18

Recognizing a weakness can lead you to real power

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The greatest strenght of women is their appearance of weakness. The greatest weakness of men is their appeareance of strenght.

Women recognize, discuss and share their fears and concerns, and they also share information and solutions. Men don’t. And this messes them up. Really bad. Personally and socially.

Recognizing a weakness leads you to real power, but staying in denial could eat you away.


So I think
most men deny their vulnerability,
and do nothing about it.
Posing in the tough hero role (for fear of not being selected by women). And suffer the consequences.
And many women recognize their vulnerability,
and still do nothing about it.
They bask in the victim role. And blame the men. Or the world.


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Soon half of the richest people from UK will be women
Catherine Zeta Jones divorces George Clooney – Intolerable Cruelty

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December 19, 2006 at 20:14

Peter Gric

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December 17, 2006 at 12:29

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Amway scam warning 2

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Amway victims are intoxicated with the following kinds of ideas:

What are your dearest dreams? (The sponsor is instructed to always reinforce the connection between your ideals and the scam.) Amway = free speech under attackHere’s all you have to do, no need to quit you job: find five people. Each will bring you money. But wait! That’s not all! Each of them will be compelled to find her/himself other 5 people to bring them (and YOU – isn’t it a wonderfoul system?!!!) money – that makes 25 people MORE on your LINE. All these people will search on – and since the average person knows AT LEAST 100 other people, it will be a snap for each of them to find 5 people (to be VERY conservative) for themselves and (just between us) FOR YOU! :) Isn’t it wonderful? Everybody wins! (No shit!) Everybody is well dressed, smiling (a bit tense, but, HEY, you’ve got to be POSITIVE), just came back from an overseas holyday, just quit their job because they make SO MUCH MONEY, WONDERFUL FRIENDS AND THINGS PLEASANT FOR GOD. Oh yeah, and you know them personally for so many years, they’re intelligent, successful people, not some scumbags, they wouldn’t lie to you. Unless they sincerely want to believe the harmful lie that they’re passing on.

A scam can’t go far without stupidisation, deception, brainwashing and people wanting to believe it. Temptation times the temptability of people equals scam success. The guy was an idiot, but because he’s so smart and still got fooled, he’ll play the fool and fake believing it until he makes it a nightmare for other people too. And hopes that if he fools enough others this way he won’t be an idiot anymore.:(

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December 16, 2006 at 21:50