"A mind stretched to a new idea can never go back to its original dimension"

John Grinder about coordinating the conscious and unconscious processes

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Only managed to find again this in Google’s cache.

John Grinder on a distinction that I find hugely important. So much in so few rows. Enjoy re-reading through (re)understanding :)john-grinder.JPG

You mentioned “…comments of some NLP trainers who say/claim that one’s unconscious knows everything. While not directly relevant to your comment, if I really were omniscient, then why would I need their training in the first place?”

Such trainers have little apparent working knowledge of the differences between conscious and unconscious processes: as mentioned several times previously: we live with an enormous paradox: the conscious mind is superb at categorizing, classifying, making computations defined over FA but has almost zero ability to actually change anything. The unconscious processes are capable of miraculous work but haven’t got a clue about how to escape the fundamental associations formed by their inductive logic through organization. Thus, our effectiveness in large part is determined by how well we coordinate these two great entities within us as a team.

Comments by so-called trainers of this nature reveal their ignorance.


Written by flowingly

July 17, 2006 at 19:45

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