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Your identity…for sale

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“So what if they know about mehehe?”

[…] a supermarket offering a discount card can create a detailed profile of your consumption habits, including not only what you eat, but what alcohol and pharmaceuticals you consume, according to the Electronic Privacy Information Center. And there’s nothing legally preventing them from selling that information to, say, a health insurer.

A warranty card, meanwhile, may ask for information unrelated to your purchase, such as your income, age and interests or ailments.

“If they trust you and don’t think they’re talking to a reporter, they’ll sell you anything,” Douglas said. “Anyone can go to a gray market and buy anything on anyone.”

“Anything” includes not only Social Security numbers, but phone-call records, employment information, health information and even your bank account information, which is illegal to sell.


Written by flowingly

July 14, 2006 at 16:58

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