"A mind stretched to a new idea can never go back to its original dimension"

Doing new things

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Keep doing more new things and doing the same things in new ways.

One option – no choice, two options – a dilemma, three options – freedom.

If what you do doesn’t work, continue to change (and learn from) it until you succeed.

Even the smallest tweak can get you a new perspective, bring within your grasp a new connection, the glimpse of a new idea, the smell of an intuition, the sliding sound of a new distinction, the roar of an insight. And most importantly, it keeps you rolling. It frees you from the sclerosis of a limited representation. Keeping it rolling creates a vortex that absorbs internal and external resources, transforming and permutating, finding new ways to connect the dots.


Intelligence refers to the ability to successfully deal with new situations.

If I wanna succeed, I can’t afford not to fail.


If you ignore the shameful shamelessness of the insidious self-advertising, you’ve got yourself a really great article here:

“Here’s some exercises for making learning fun and having novel experiences:

Take a walk somewhere you always go except this time walk as though it is totally new. Pretend you are an anthropologist doing an ethnographic study, making it elusive and bewildering. See what you notice that you didn’t before. Ask yourself questions you might never ask about obvious things. Then just be silent while you walk and look without internal dialogue. Slow down your gait or speed it up to notice what you have missed before. Smell the smells you may not have noticed.

Do the same thing with driving home or riding a bus. See if you can open your powers of observation to take in more than you ever realized was there before. Venture into new realms. Take a different route to work. Do something now, do anything now that’s different. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but realize you are interrupting patterns and causing your mind to be stretched in delightful ways. Go back and enjoy a children’s book you once read. Go back and review.

Listen to the same CD over and over – only each time pay attention to a different instrument – how do they intermingle, compliment each other, support each other, what are they accomplishing together?

Try tasting your food in new ways. Tiny bits, savor each morsel, really chew it thirty-two times. Discover how you can delight your senses.

Take a luxurious bath, uses different scents, candles. Anything that enlivens you and makes you feel better.

Read a novel you normally wouldn’t read. Get a biography of someone you never felt interested in. Talk to someone repulsive and take their point of view temporarily. Step inside them and see if you can imagine how it would be that they would hold views contrary to your own. You don’t have to keep them! Just try them on to get a different perspective from your own.

Do something you would absolutely never do (keep it legal and safe!). Go beyond your own limits. Push yourself, but do so with a sense of adventure, joy, fun, harmony, health and well being.

Watch the same movie a dozen times, or an NLP tape. Each time approach it fresh and new. You will learn something. When I lived in California and worked in the motion picture business, I would go to the same movie 4,5, 10 times. First, I would just watch it. If I got hooked into it emotionally, I considered it a good picture. Then I would go back and watch for the way the director constructed it all. Then I would see it again to concentrate only on the writing, then the acting, then the cinematography and production values. Each time, I came away with something I hadn’t noticed before. With new intent, I noticed new things. By asking myself different questions, or causing my mind to look in a new direction I noticed more and more nuances than I could have ever imagined.”

Worth re-reading a few times.


Written by flowingly

July 13, 2006 at 10:40

Posted in NLP

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