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How to easily make your own powerful binaural affirmation programs with Winamp

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So, wanna pay for tapes or embrace the self made man concept?

A really easy & powerful way to enjoy the benefits of repetitive thought – listening to your affirmations.

The steps:
Carefully choose, brainstorm, design, adjust & tweak your affirmations.
Record each one in a separate audio file. I prefer to repeat each affirmation 3 times per file.
Create a list of a few related affirmations and let them play in random order again and again in Winamp.

Now, if you wanna get fancy & sophisticated, play the affirmations independently for each ear & cerebral hemisphere.

Binaural Winamp

You’d better put on the headphones (you’ll find this really handy at work) Being repetitive, and binaural, your conscious mind (unlike the unconscious one) will forget about them, which is good. You can listen to them while working on the computer, they’ll permeate the subconscious in an even easier way.

If you let them play for an hour, at say 5 sec each, you’ll have 720 repetitions. For 3 seconds, 1200 repetitions. Multiply that by a number of say 21 days of listening. And double it if you use the easy binaural system detailed below.

1. I’ll assume that the microphone is installed & working.
2. Record the affirmations. A file per affirmation. A folder for all of them. You can use the Sound Recorder from Windows” Programs > Accessories > Entertainment.
I suggest to keep a text file handy to jot down the affirmation ideas that you’ll wanna record.
3. Open Winamp. Go to Preferences (Ctrl+P) > General Preferences > check ‘Allow multiple instances’.Close Winamp to enable the setting.
4. I suggest dragging & dropping a Winamp shortcut on the QuickLaunch bar (or on the desktop).
5. Open two Winamp instances, put them side by side, check the Repeat and Shuffle buttons & slide the balance buttons to the left and, respectively, to the right (See the picture)

6. Open the affirmation playlist in each of the Winamp instances, put on the headphones on and hit play. Tadaaaa.:) Enjoy.


Written by flowingly

July 10, 2006 at 04:08

Posted in NLP

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