"A mind stretched to a new idea can never go back to its original dimension"

Awesome image generator – Plasma Pong

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Stumbled over Plasma Pong, a game that generates “customizable” dynamic graphics that seem quite exquisite to me.

“An image can express more than a thousand words”. My psyche may have “chords” that I don’t recognize yet, and an image could resonate with them, serving as a bridge, a translator, an intermediary, a stepping stone between my official understandings and some of the “things” within. An abstract image may help me establish a better connection and get in touch with the discreet whispers of some of my soul’s unrecognized chords.

I’m getting pompous here, I know, but didn’t I want to use the blog for this very reason? :)

BTW, have you seen Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solyaris? A mysterious thinking ocean planet dances and messes there with the characters’ lives and with the viewer’s patience – the excruciatingly slow motion beauty of an exclusivist movie. Pompous, yeah… :)

PS: Some visual effects may cause problems to those with epilepsy. Please take care.


Written by flowingly

July 5, 2006 at 04:49

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